Events listed on this website are not only those organised by the Perth Diocesan EcoCare Commission – but we do hope you will find them interesting.

The Feast of St Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi is well known his love of creation and his compassion towards animals. Born in central Italy in 1181, he was baptised Giovanni but given the name Francesco by his father, a rich textile merchant who had married a distinguished French lady. While it was expected that St. Francis would eventually take over his father’s business, he was instead attracted to a knight’s career and in 1201 fought for Assisi in the attack on Perugia. After suffering imprisonment following capture whilst at war with the local city of Perugia, he returned a changed man. St. Francis of Assisi abandoned a life of luxury for a life devoted to Christianity after reportedly hearing the voice of God, who commanded him to rebuild the Christian church and live in poverty.

He took to caring for disused churches and for the poor. Others joined him and he prepared a simple, gospel-based Rule for them all to live by. In 1210, he established the “Franciscan Order for men, and 1212 he established the Order of the Poor Clares for women. This order slowly grew and spread throughout Western Christendom.

Francis of Assisi died on October 3, 1226, at the age of 44, in Assisi, Italy. He was canonized as a saint just two years after his death, on July 16, 1228, by Pope Gregory IX. Today, St. Francis has a lasting resonance with millions of followers across the globe and his rightfully respected as the patron saint for animals and ecology due to his endless love for all of creation.

The Feast of St Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of animals and ecology) will be celebrated this year at St George’s Cathedral on Sunday 4th October.

At 4 pm: Blessing of the animals.

At 5 pm: Choral Evensong of St Francis sung by St George’s Cathedral Consort

Reverend Evan Pederick from the Parish of Canning, who is acting chair of the EcoCare Commission will be preaching!

At this Evensong thanksgiving is offered for the beauty of the created order, for the variety and wonder of the animal kingdom, and prayer offered for our stewardship of this creation. Prayer is also offered for the work of Lions Clubs, both in WA and internationally, and for Cat Haven here in Perth, which benefits from the proceeds of the Cats Cabaret.

At 6pm: Cats Cabaret in the adjacent Burt Memorial Hall in aid of Perth Cat Haven.

The Cabaret includes professional singers and actors delivering poetry from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show Cats as well as other cat-related music. Tapas-style supper is served. BYO wine (Bottles may be placed at table in the Hall prior to 5pm Evensong. Ice buckets on tables.). Tickets ($30) from Trybooking. Groups of 6 may book a reserved table (after purchasing their tickets) through the Precentor. All other seating is unreserved.

For more information on the above events, feel free to contact St George’s Cathedral on

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