There is always an opportunity for people to get involved in one way or another. You may also find the list on our Facebook page.

Specific events in the pipeline for 2015 include:

Church’s Clean Up Australia Day – Sunday 1 March;

Why not get your parish involved in your local community, host a celebratory barbecue, sing praise songs as you tidy up the local streets or something even more extravagant? We would love to hear what you are up to – and see some inspiring photographs, too!

Reconnecting with Country – Thursday 7 May to 9 May;

An experienced Nyoongar Elder and teacher, Noel, will lead us together in a bus north of Perth, where we will camp for two nights in different locations.

World Environment Day – Friday 5 June;

What will happen on this day? Previously we have hosted lectures and Interfaith Hypotheticals… 2015’s event remains a mystery at this time.

Wollaston Tree Planting Day – Sunday 26 July.

This annual event has always attracted enthusiastic gardeners young and old, planting new natives around the Wollaston Education Centre supported by Bold Parks Director of Sites and Facilities.